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Voting: why it matters most this year

This year could be a pivotal year for Oklahoma! It is urgent that we as individuals get involved. For too long, we have sat on the sidelines and let our rights slip away. We have let our voices be silenced. Not any longer! It is time for action. The teacher walkout and movement that was started has certainly gotten my attention and the attention of many others. As a Christian Republican I believe it is essential to elect Republicans who share your values to office. I believe it so strongly that I am willing to step out of my comfort zone and help facilitate the necessary reforms and changes that need to be made to hold on to our values, rights and privileges as Americans and as Oklahomans.

Education is key to success. We must fully fund our public schools. Along with that funding I believe we must make a concerted effort to decrease waste and any mismanagement of funds that may be taking place. This will not be a simple process. It is not totally a funding issue. Teachers spend more waking hours with our kids than any other persons. I put high value on this role and responsibility. With that responsibility must come accountability that is followed by appropriate respect and remuneration. Oklahoma cannot afford to continue to lose highly qualified educators to surrounding states in order to survive financially. We can do better and we must do better.

Helping others, giving folks a hand up and not a hand out, improving living conditions and wages are all important aspects to our success as a state. Department of Human Services employees, like teachers, have been asked to do more and more with less and less. This really isn't okay. Again, we can do better and we MUST do better.

Affordable Health Care, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Mental Health, Prison Reform are all areas that need to be examined, revised and improved upon. We can do better!

There is much at stake this year. We have to communicate across party lines; between the chambers and neighbor to neighbor. I have been guilty of sitting on the sideline, not allowing my voice to be heard, as have many of my friends and family members. It is time to get involved. Not only is it time to vote but it is time to know our legislators, share our opinions, share our values, let them know what we want for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. The time is now. It's up to you! I hope you'll become a part of my team. Vote! Encourage your friends and family to vote. Be informed and be involved!

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